Male and female populations. Published 1 2018 august

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  1. 1. Principal facts and numbers
  2. 2. By ethnicity
  3. 3. Methodology
  4. 4. Information sources
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1. Principal facts and numbers

  • In accordance with the 2011 Census, females and girls comprised 51% for the populace of England and Wales, and guys and men comprised 49%
  • Many ethnic teams had approximately the male that is same female populations
  • There clearly was a bigger feminine than male populace when you look at the Chinese, Black Caribbean as well as other White ethnic teams, where females and girls comprised 53% for the particular populations
  • There was clearly a bigger male than feminine populace when you look at the Arab group that is ethnic where males and boys comprised 58% associated with populace, and among individuals who recognized as virtually any ethnicity (54% guys and males)

The Census is planned and performed by the workplace for National Statistics (ONS) any ten years in England and Wales. The Census that is last was in March 2011.

The Census could be the survey that is only provide an in depth image of your whole populace of England and Wales. It creates it feasible to compare some other part of the nation as all households are expected exactly the same questions inside the time period that is same.

For the 2011 Census, around 25 million pre-addressed questionnaires were published off to all or any households employing a specially developed nationwide target register. Households could get back their questionnaire by post or complete it on the web. Census workers delivered questionnaires by hand to people located in domestic care domiciles, hospitals, hostels, boarding schools, college halls of residence, mobile house areas, armed forces bases as well as other public establishments.

94% of households finished the 2011 Census. Of these, 97% responded the concern about ethnicity.

This information stops working the people of England and Wales by sex and ethnicity. The split between women/girls and men/boys is shown for every group that is ethnic.

The Census is held in England and Wales every a decade to get information on everybody residing in the nation on a date that is specific.

The census supplies the only supply of straight comparable data for both little areas and minority populace groups across England and Wales.

The data the Census provides permits central and government that is local wellness authorities and several other organisations to prepare housing, education, health insurance and transportation solutions for many years in the future.

The Census runs on the standard pair of cultural teams to gather and classify ethnicity information.

The 2011 Census utilized 18 standardised categories that are ethnic

Asian / Asian British:

  • Indian
  • Pakistani
  • Bangladeshi
  • Chinese
  • Any other background that is asian

Ebony / African / Caribbean / Ebony British:

  • African
  • Caribbean
  • Some other Ebony / african Caribbean that is/ back ground

Mixed / several groups that are ethnic

  • Mixed White and Ebony Caribbean
  • Mixed White and Black African
  • Mixed White and Asian
  • Every other Mixed / Multiple cultural history, please describe
  • English / Welsh / Scottish / Northern Irish / British
  • Irish
  • Gypsy or Irish Traveller
  • Some other White background, please describe

Other cultural team:

  • Arab
  • Some other group that is ethnic

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2. By ethnicity

Portion of male and female populace in each ethnic group

Ethnicity Male Female
per cent percent
All 49 51
Asian 50 50
Bangladeshi 52 48
Chinese 47 53
Indian 51 49
Pakistani 51 49
Asian other 49 51
Ebony 48 52
black colored African 48 52
Ebony Caribbean 47 53
Ebony other 50 50
blended 50 50
blended White/Asian 51 49
Mixed White/Black African 50 50
blended White/Black Caribbean 50 50
blended other 49 51
White 49 51
White British 49 51
White Irish 48 52
White Gypsy/Traveller 50 50
White other 47 53
Other 55 45
Arab 58 42
any kind of 54 46